Family Ski Trip

On February 24 & 25 the troop and crew skied (and snowboarders rode) at Dodge Ridge Ski Resort. The group rate discount on lift tickets and equipment rentals made the weekend more affordable. Away from the slope the scouts and younger siblings threw snowballs and sledded. Indoors we played board games, had extended talks, got homework done and some earned Snow Sports merit badge. The cabin community worked well for our group and the food provided by the Trail Boss and S.O. was delicious. It was a great getaway!

Golden Gate Bridge Walk

– Written by Troop Scribe Nathan G.

For the August 9 meeting, T27 chose to do something different: we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. We arrived at 5:00 at the church, and when everybody was there we were divided into our driving groups. We made a stop at In & Out before continuing on to San Francisco. We arrived by the bridge at around 7:00, and started soon after. Along the way, Mr. Moriarty gave us some history about the bridge. Some scouts decided to make it a race. At the end of the bridge, we had a bathroom break, then started on our way back. It was getting a little dark by this time, but this didn’t stop some scouts from running across most of the way. From one end of the bridge to the other and back, the distance was about 3.4 miles. This type of meeting may become more common in the future, especially in the summer. It was a refreshing change from the usual meeting.

Summer Camp 2011

– Written by Troop Scribe Nathan G.

From July 16 to July 23, Troop 27 went on the most central outing of the year – 2011 Summer Camp at Lake Spaulding. For more than a week, scouts camped, learned, and had a great time at this unique T27 experience. [Read more…]